Watch: PC Culture Run Amok, White Student Assaulted For “Racist” Hairstyle.

March 30, 2016Mar 30, 2016

In today’s society especially, truth is far stranger than fiction.  College campuses are not just for liberal indoctrination anymore, they have become cesspools of political correctness and rabid intolerance.

Students have crossed over from reality into a fantasy world of “safe spaces,” “trigger warnings,” and “cultural appropriation.”  They seek to segregate themselves from each other and from anything that they don’t agree with or understand.

At San Francisco State University, a white student was accosted in the hallway by an African American student who proceeded to badger him about his hair which he wore in dreadlocks.  She had the audacity to tell him that he couldn’t wear his hair that way because he was not black and that “dreadlocks” were a part of her culture.

There are too many things wrong with her argument, the first being that she is a racist.  Another major issue with her argument is, just exactly what culture is she talking about?  Dreadlocks are not a staple of African-American culture.  They originated much further back in history in Greek and Rastafarian cultures.

This is what happens when political correctness runs amok.  I feel sorry for this next generation.  They are in for a rude awakening when they leave the “safe space” of their college campus for the real world.