Watch A Pastor Continue to Sing God’s Praises After Cancer Took Most of His Tongue

July 20, 2017Jul 20, 2017

Jason David, a pastor at Bonita Valley Community Church, isn’t about to let his battle with tongue and neck cancer stop him from praising God.

Doctors told him that he might never sing again—or even speak or walk—but David persevered. On July 11th, he returned to the stage to sing a song he wrote. The message of the song, “These Walls,” is, David says, that “No matter what walls or mountains you face, God is greater, and He is good.”

David certainly had a mountain to climb. Last year, he battled cancer. During the fight for his life, he couldn’t walk, he couldn’t eat, and he lost sixty pounds, reports CBN. In the video, David tells his church, "The cancer began to leak a chemical in my body to the point that my body shut down and I looked like a plague victim. “

To combat the aggressive cancer, David underwent seven major surgeries, 35 rounds of radiation and eight weeks of chemotherapy to combat the sickness. In the process, the pastor who sings and preaches, lost 60 percent of his tongue.

Most people who lost the majority of their tongue would retire from a career that required them to speak publicly, but David wasn’t about to let cancer change his whole life. Instead, he finished writing “These Walls,” which he told CBN he started writing before the cancer diagnosis. “I had no idea who I was writing it for,” but after cancer, he realized the song was for him and all those like him. He continued, “Then, after everything happened, I wrote the bridge 'Even in the suffering I'll sing…'.”

David is hoping that his story and music will inspire other people to put their trust in God. He wrote on Facebook, “We pray this song will bless you—no matter what walls or mountains you may face, God is greater & God is good.”

Praise God for His goodness and for healing this man. Comment and share, so the video reaches the people who need to hear his message of hope and trust in God.

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