Watch Kate Middleton Use Her Mom Instincts to Avert Disaster During Queen's Birthday

June 11, 2018Jun 11, 2018

Kate Middleton might have a nanny, but that doesn't mean she isn't able to mother her own children. She displayed her super mom skills during the Queen's birthday parade.

On Saturday, little Princess Charlotte was shocked when she fell on the Buckingham Palace balcony during Trooping the Colour. The look on the 3-year-old's face made it clear that she was about to burst into tears, but her mom was quick to comfort her.

Videos show little Charlotte looking up expectantly—waiting for the net plane to pass by—before losing her balance and toppling backward. Kate's motherly instinct clearly kicked in, and she managed to steady the princess before she hit the ground.

Charlotte was visibly shaken, but her mom bent down and spoke comforting words to her before picking her up. Kate diffused what could have been quite the scene with her mothering skills.

According to People, the fall didn't ruin Charlotte's enjoyment of the rest of the event. She proceeds to clap and follow along with the event, standing in front of Kate and next to cousin Savannah Phillips.

This isn’t the first time Kate has displayed her super mom skills. Last year, Princess Charlotte had a near breakdown in Hamburg, Germany. She began to cry while the royal family stood on the tarmac.

Once again, Kate moved quickly to defuse the situation. She knelt on the tarmac to look her little girl in the eye and calm her down. Within seconds, the situation was on control and the family boarded the plane.

It's nice to see a royal who clearly isn't a distant parent. We love Kate!

In other news, see the wonderful photos of the royal family in their latest appearance together. It was Meghan's first balcony appearance.