Watch: Google’s Flying Car, Available Soon to Consumers

May 01, 2017May 01, 2017

In Silicon Valley, Google co-founder Larry Page announced a version of its Kitty Hawk Flyer will be available as soon as this year.

Kitty Hawk describes their first product as an “all electric aircraft” designed to operate over water only. 

These flying cars are considered a special Federal Aviation Administration ultralight aircraft which are only intended to be flown in uncontested areas for recreational use. 

According to Kitty Hawk, consumers will not need a pilot’s license to drive the aircraft and drivers will be able to learn to fly the “car” in minutes.

The following video shows Cameron Robertson, an aerospace engineer, flying a prototype version of the flying car. The prototype is a one-person, open-seated, eight battery-operated propeller vehicle that weighs 220 pounds. 

Right now the Kitty Hawk Flyer is designed to be flown over water only, but the creation of this aircraft holds exciting ideas for flying cars in the future. 

“We hope that this is more of an exciting concept than what most people have had in their minds about flying cars, Robertson told the Times. “This is not yet that product in terms of what we will say and what it can do, but I think it demonstrates a vision of the future.”

The price of the Kitty Hawk Flyer for consumers has not been released yet, but the company is offering a $100 3-year membership which includes priority on a waiting list, access to a flight simulator, $2,000 discount off the probable retail price, opportunities to meet the team of inventors, members-only Kitty Hawk gear, and more.

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