Watch Survivor’s Yul Attempt to Prove He’s Not a ‘Snake in the Grass’ on New Series

What happens when you combine three? SurvivorOne and alums Naked and AfraidSurvivalists and reality TV stars come together for a reality series. Fans will find out on USA Network’s newest series Snake in the Grass.

Radio personality hosts the show Bobby Bones, each episode takes four contestants – some of whom will be fan-favorite reality stars – and drops them into the Central American jungle for 36 hours with a chance to win $100,000. In order to win, they must figure out which one of them is “the Snake” – a saboteur who is secretly trying to obstruct the group from earning clues leading to their identity.

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If they are successful in spotting the snake, they will split the cash prize. If they fail, the saboteur gets the money.

Chase Bjornson/USA

This clip is exclusive to Us Weekly, SurvivorSeason 13 winner Yul Kwon swims to shore in attempt to prove he’s not the saboteur after being suspected by his fellow players – Survivor 14Winner Earl Cole, Survivor 25, 26, and 34Alum Malcolm Freberg, Naked and AfraidAlum Jeff Zausch.

After the group finds a key attached to a buoy in the ocean, they send Yul to swim to shore to get the final snake clue because he’s the “best swimmer in our group,” according to Malcolm.

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“People think I’m the snake, but if I don’t perform well on the challenge, it’s just going to validate and confirm their suspicions,” Yul says. “It’s do or die.”

Earl’s not so convinced either way: “Yul is swimming for his life to prove he’s not the snake or do that to throw us off his scent.”

A first-look episode Snake in the GrassAirs Tuesday, July 26th at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC All new episodes are available on USA Network every Monday at 11 p.m. ET/PT.