Watch Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick Perform Viral ‘Footloose’ Dance Trend

Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick
Andy Kropa/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Time’s not holding them down! Kevin Bacon Kyra Sedgwick tore up the dance — er, living room — floor with some FootlooseBased on the viral trend, here are some dance moves that are inspired by it.

“I don’t remember this being part of the original #Footloose choreography 🤣 but figured we’d give it a spin,” the City on a Hill star, 63, captioned the Instagram clip of him and Sedgwick, 56, trying out the “Footloose Drop,” which has one person holding their partner lengthwise across their chest and “dropping” them in an unfurling motion on the beat.

The happy couple — who have been married for nearly 34 years — nailed the challenge. The actors first met each other and snapped their fingers while the iconic theme song played. The iconic theme song was played in the background. Mystic RiverStar then took the Get closer alum’s leg, stretched her across his chest and held her arm with his other hand.

As soon as Kenny Loggins sang, “Tonight, I gotta cut loose,” Bacon “unrolled” his wife down his body, dropping her just inches from the floor — all while still holding her up by her leg and arm. The couple burst into laughter when they realized that they had successfully completed the challenge. They were awarded a high-five.

The stars’ daughter, Sosie Bacon, was even impressed — or jokingly annoyed — by her parents’ dance skills. (The couple also share a son, Travis, 33.

“I GET ITTTT,” the actress, 30, commented on her dad’s video.

More actors and fans alike weighed in on Kevin and Sedgwick’s impressive feat.

“Inspiration right here,” wrote Jessica Stroup, while a follower noted, “You guys still got it going ON!!!” Another fan remarked on what they believed Sedgwick’s mindset was during the drop. “I swear at one point I could see in her eyes she wished there was more than a rug on the floor beneath her😎🤦🏻‍♂️🙏,” the Instagram user quipped.

The duo, who have been married since 1988, have gushed about each other — and their long-lasting marriage — for years.

In 2021, Brooklyn Nine-Nine alum told Access Hollywood about just how “incredibly lucky” she was to have met and married her husband.

“There’s no secrets to this. I just got lucky really young at a time when I probably wasn’t that smart,” she explained of their decades-long romance. “I was married at 23 and I met him when I was 21. I was like, ‘This is The One, and I’ve got no question.’”

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