Washington Times BLASTS Liberal Media For Their 'Outrageous' Fact-Checking Of Trump

September 27, 2016Sep 27, 2016

The Washington Times are calling out their own, the mainstream media, for their "outrageous" fact-checking of Donald Trump after last night's presidential debate.

In an opinion piece, Washington Times commentator Kelly Riddell blasts the liberal media for using a supposedly unbiased method of keeping politicians truthful as a way to attack Trump while handling Hillary with kid gloves.

Riddell quotes Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto, who wrote, "'Fact checking' is opinion journalism pretending to be some sort of heightened objectivity."

Riddell explains that many of the "facts" the mainstream media uses to call Trump a liar are actually fairly subjective or unproven. Plus, Riddell points out that "many times politicians use hyperbole to extenuate a larger point — and many times these 'fact-checkers' ignore the larger point to focus on the validity of the minutia."

In other words, the media is desperately picking apart every detail of what Trump says in order to cry "foul!" at the slightest exaggeration while giving Hillary a pass.

What do you think of the media's fact-checking?

Read Riddell's list of eight "most outrageous 'fact-checks' used against Mr. Trump in the last few weeks" here.