Washington Post Family Member Commits Suicide Days Before 'The Post' Movie Release

December 26, 2017Dec 26, 2017

Sad news hit the Washington Post family just days before Christmas. The son of longtime Washington Post leaders Philip and Katharine Graham, William Graham, tragically committed suicide on December 20th.

News about his passing was not released to the public until days later.

According to TMZ, 69-year-old William died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His father also committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun years ago in 1963.

Ironically, William’s death came only days before the movie release of “The Post.” The film tells the iconic story of his mother as the head publisher and her role in bringing down former president Nixon in the 1970s, reported the New York Daily News.


Prior to his death, William worked as a top lawyer in Washington D.C. Afterwards, he moved across the nation to Los Angeles, where he taught trial law.

William’s older brother, Donald, confirmed his death to the Washington Post. New York Daily News also reported that Donald was a former publisher and chief executive of the post.


Currently, little details are known about his suicide. If more information is released, this article will be updated accordingly.

Please pray for his friends, family, and loved ones. In other recent news, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump were attacked over their “Merry Christmas” post on social media.


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