Was This Hillary’s Body Double Or The Real Deal? You Be The Judge.

September 13, 2016Sep 13, 2016

On September 11th, 2016, Hillary Clinton appeared at a remembrance event for the fallen heroes of 9/11.  Approximately 45 minutes into the event, she proceeded to her waiting car while being held upright by members of her staff.  While clearly behaving abnormally, Clinton appears to have a “medical episode” as her body seemingly convulses and she is put into the SUV.

In keeping with the Clinton way of doing things, Hillary breaks protocol and is taken to her daughter’s apartment, instead of the hospital.  A few hours later, she emerges on the street looking years younger, pounds lighter and extremely chipper.  Wait?  Didn’t she just nearly faint and seize up only hours prior?


Speculation immediately began circulating online about the possibility of a Clinton impersonator stepping in for the nominee as reported on theblaze.com.  As the "body double" waves to fans and even takes a picture with a little girl, she walks solo down the sidewalk to the waiting car.   Let’s see what logic tells us.  Would a woman who is rarely ever seen without staff members and secret service detail really walk alone from the apartment?  Would she also walk alone after nearly collapsing hours prior?  Why on earth does she also appear 40 pounds lighter and have a difference in hairstyle? 


The one thing voters can bank on this November is not ever truly knowing the inner workings of Hillary Clinton and her team. While the Clinton camp denies using an imposter, you be the judge.  Just remember, if it has a bushy tail, long whiskers and smells like tuna, it’s probably a giant fish wearing a cat costume.