Warrant Issued for DNA of Hollywood Star Accused of Terrible Crime

February 13, 2018Feb 13, 2018

A shocking new report has just been released that is rocking Hollywood. A major Hollywood producer and executive has just been accused of some terrible crimes.

According to TMZ, Hollywood producer David Guillod, who's been accused of sexual assault by at least 4 women, including actress Jessica Barth, is now under the microscope of investigators.

A warrant has also just been issued in the case. According to legal documents, a warrant's been issued to collect the DNA of the "Atomic Blonde" producer in connection with claims made by Barth that Guillod drugged and raped her in 2012.

At the time, the actress recalled hanging out with Guillod and drinking a lot of wine. She then recalls feeling extremely sleepy before waking up in Guillod's car. She proceeded to go to a hospital and get checked out for any signs of assault.



Now, the investigators handling the case have reaped it. They seem to have new evidence they want to look into. At this time, they have not released the exact details of their new warrant requests.


"Guillod stepped down as co-CEO of Primary Wave Entertainment in November after Barth went public with accusations. Shortly after, 3 more women came forward with similar stories of being drugged and raped," according to TMZ.

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