Warnock, Abrams in Close Races With Republicans in Georgia Races

New polling indicates that the midterm elections for senatorial and gubernatorial seats in Georgia are likely to be very close.

Sen. Raphael Warnock will be competing against Republican nominee, former NFL player Herschel Walk, in the general elections this November. Democrat Stacey Abrams is challenging incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp (R). a rematch of their controversial 2018 governor’s race.

In a recently published Fox News poll, conducted on July 22-26, all four candidates were within arm’s reach of winning in their respective races, with Warnock doing somewhat better in his reelection bid against Walker, and Abrams just slightly behind in her contest against Kemp.

According to the poll Warnock has 46 percent support from Georgia voters, while Walker has 42 percent.

Notably, the Democratic candidate for Senate is more popular than the Republican challenger. Among those who say they support Walker, nearly half (48 percent) say that they’re doing so with some reservations, or mainly because they dislike Warnock. Just 51 percent say they’re “enthusiastically” supporting Walker, a considerably smaller number than the 60 percent of Warnock supporters who say that they’re enthusiastic about the candidate.

Meanwhile, in the governor’s race, Abrams received higher enthusiasm marks from her supporters than Kemp did. According to the poll, 76 percent of Abrams’s backers said that they “enthusiastically” support her, while just 58 percent of Kemp supporters said the same about him.

Abrams is still less popular than Kemp overall. When the poll’s respondents were asked who they would vote for in a head-to-head matchup between Abrams and Kemp, Kemp garnered 47 percent of the vote, while Abrams attained 44 percent.

Although Kemp is slightly ahead of Abrams, the 3-point difference between the two candidates is within the poll’s margin of error, which means that technically, the race is a statistical tie. Seven percent of voters are still undecided.

The poll’s results line up with numerous other polls showing that Georgia’s midterm races will be tight. Real Clear Politics averages together a number of polling data to produce a total. Warnock leads Walker by 4.8 pointsThe average of all polls. In the governor’s race, Kemp leads Abrams by an average of 3.5 points.

Meanwhile, Quinnipiac University poll released in JuneThis suggests that the race could be even closer. In that poll, Kemp and Abrams were tied, with both candidates garnering 48 percent of voters’ support. Walker was beaten by Warnock by 10 points in the poll. Walker received 54 percent of the support of the electorate, while 44 percent went to the GOP challenger.