Warning: Adopting This Pet Could Leave Your Family with a Deadly Infection

September 02, 2017Sep 02, 2017

Family pets can be great for children by teaching them responsibility and providing them with a companion. However, parents and guardians must be aware of the dangers that accompany certain pets.

The Centers for Disease Control recently issued a warning against adopting turtles because they have the possibility to be a carrier of Salmonella. Salmonella is an infection caused by bacteria, which usually leads to hospitalization, but can become deadly.

According to Today, more than 30 salmonella infections were linked to turtles in 13 different states from an August 2017 outbreak. 50% of the reported cases led to hospitalization and at least a dozen children were among those infected.

In the past, hundreds of salmonella cases were linked back to tiny turtles. Children, the elderly, and those with weak immune systems are most at risk. 

CDC has instructed that a turtle should be a “looking pet” rather than a “touching pet.” Typically, turtle owners, especially small children, like to kiss and cuddle with their pet. However, this is unsafe; if you decide to keep your turtle and continue to touch him or her, please be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, immediately before and after handling your turtle.

The CDC website urges, “If there are young children in your home, consider pets other than reptiles or amphibians for your family.”


Please share this important information with friends and family, especially if they own a turtle or are considering adopting one. In other family news, a young daughter went crazy after her dad texted her who he was sitting next to on the plane.

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