Wanna-be Robbers Learn Lesson After Attacking ‘Helpless’ Memphis Woman

June 23, 2017Jun 23, 2017

There are two wanna-be robbers in Memphis, Tenn. who will think twice about ever robbing a helpless-looking woman again.

According to Fox 13 Memphis, a local woman was pumping gas in her car Wednesday when two men tried to rob her. But instead of opening her passenger door to grab her purse, like some thieves do, one of them rammed the barrel of a gun into her side and demanded both her money and her car keys.

Not wanting to become a victim, this woman did something few people would ever do with a gun pointed at them at point-blank range: She batted it away.

Undeterred as the woman spun around to face him, the would-be robber aimed the gun at her chest. He couldn’t have guessed what would happen next.

The woman punched him in the face, shocking him enough to wrench the gun from his hands. Then she added insult to injury — or, rather, injury to injury.

Not only did the robber find himself suddenly unarmed by the woman who was supposed to be his victim, but he now found himself being smacked in the face with the gun. And it wasn’t just once but four times.

Seeing his partner in crime under assault, the second robber rushed in for the attack, only to get smacked in the face, too. Police are still looking for the two wanna-be thieves.

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