Walmart's 9/11 Display OUTRAGES Thousands; Are You Upset By It?

September 08, 2016Sep 08, 2016

A Florida Walmart has decided to take down a Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks memorial after it generated thousands of angry responses.

What was the display made out of? Coca-cola cans, according to Fox 8, with Coke Zero boxes used to construct a clear representation of the Twin Towers in front of an American flag. The irony of using Coke Zero to represent Ground Zero did not go unnoticed.

Twitter user Shawn Richard posted a photo of the display in a Panama City Walmart with the caption "Florida c'mon man." The photo tweet went viral with as many as 2,500 retweets — many of them angry — by Thursday morning.

The Orlando Weekly confirmed with Walmart that they are taking down the display. Walmart said Coke typically creates the designs for their Coca-Cola displays but Walmart approves them before they're assembled.

Are you upset by the display?

A number of Millennials may not even notice, because as media analyst Mark Dice revealed this week, even many Americans old enough to have been in high school during those horrific attacks remember very few basic facts about them.