Walmart Employee Becomes National Hero, Stops Creeps from Kidnapping 4-Year-Old Girl from Cart

September 26, 2018Sep 26, 2018

An employee from Walmart is being hailed as a national hero for something amazing! The loss prevention officer is being credited with potentially saving the life of a young child! It is a remarkable story!

At a Walmart in Fort Worth, Texas, a couple tried to push a 4-year-old child out the doors in a shopping cart. The loss prevention officer confronted the pair after realizing something was off. It was then that the suspects abandoned their plane and proceeded to run out to their car and take off!

"The employee confronted a man and a woman who were seen trying to take a child out of a cart, Officer Tracy Carter said. The pair then left the store, which is in the 2900 block of Renaissance Square off of East Berry, and drove away in a red SUV," according to local news reports.

At this time, police are on the hunt for the potential suspects. They have not released their names. Still, this vigilante employee most likely just saved this child's life!

Please join us in sending our support and praise to the Walmart loss prevention officer! This is amazing and another reason why we all need to make sure we practice strong situational harness skills at all times.

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