Wall Street Executive Killed in Vicious Shark Attack While on Vacation

December 04, 2017Dec 04, 2017

Reports just confirmed that a Wall Street executive was vacationing in Coast Rica last week when a tragedy occurred. 49-year-old Rohina Bhandari was attacked and killed by a tiger shark. 

The former director of a New York City private equity firm was on Cocos Island National Park, hundreds of miles from the coast. According to People, Bhandari was at the Manuelita dive site where she and several friends were scuba diving. 

Bhandari was in a group of 18 people, including a diving guide identified as Jiménez. As the executive was coming up to the surface, Jiménez noticed the nearby shark. Reportedly, the guide tried to scare the shark away but was unsuccessful and suffered a shark bite on one of his legs as well. 

According to a local statement, Bhandari suffered "strong lacerations" to both of her legs. While Jiménez recovered from the attack and was in stable condition upon waking up, Bhandari sadly passed away. 

Local officials said that the attack was the "first of this magnitude" at the park. They said that it was an "isolated incident."

Since news of Bhandari's death emerged, friends and family have been taking to social media to talk about the great loss. As the former senior director of the Manhattan-based firm WL Ross & Co and Francescon, coworkers and friends said that she had a brilliant mind and a fun personality. 

A spokesperson for the company said that she had departed from the firm in October. They said, "We were saddened to learn of the death of Rohina who was a dear friend and colleague. We ask that everyone respect the privacy of her family during this difficult time."

A friend, Silvia Francescon, said, "Rohina was kind, gentle and full of grace. She was also fun, we laughed a lot. I was devastated not only by her death but about how it happened.”

"Notwithstanding her bright career, Rohina was a very humble person,” she continued. “I will miss her courage … She challenged herself in the deepest way. And she succeeded. All of this is surreal. She deserves to be remembered for her grace and kindness. A beautiful soul.”

Another friend, Jon Benjamin, wrote, "Desperately sad to hear of the tragic and untimely passing this week of my dear friend Rohina Bhandari. Always generous and gregarious, she was a mainstay of social life in NYC a decade ago, visited us in Chile and so kindly lent us her apartment in NYC in July this year, also hosting a party for us. One of a kind."

Please be praying for the family and friends of Bhandari as they deal with this tragic and sudden death. Share your prayers on Facebook. In other news, the suspect of 3-year-old Mariah Woods' death just had his first court appearance. 

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