Wack 100 Rips Into Master P’s Finances, Says They Took His Masters 18 Years Ago

Wack 100 Rips Into Master P’s Finances, Says They Took His Masters 18 Years Ago

Wack 100We had much to say about it Master P.

Hip-hop executive Wack 100Some controversial allegations were made about a rap mogul Master POn the Clubhouse App. According to Wack 100, the New Orleans legend’s entire business-savvy image is a facade, and he’s actually broke.

Wack–whose real name is Cash Jones–first threw a jab at Master P’s music catalog, alleging that he doesn’t own it like he said he did.

“Let me get candid.  First of all, he don’t own his masters, they took them 18 years ago.”

A few callers dialed in to Wack’s broadcast didn’t quite agree and mentioned the No Limit founder’s Rap Snacks, a brand that plasters rappers’ faces on potato chip bags. The brand also launched a line noodle. Still unimpressed, Wack scoffed:

“You think this n*gga be selling noodles?”

When Nick CannonShe was accused of making offensive comments about the Jewish community. Master PHe advised him to open more businesses. Shortly thereafter, the suggestion was made. CannonHe lost numerous television opportunities, which forced him to apologize. He refused to apologize before.

Wack 100It was claimed that Master PWas not in a position give CannonBusiness advice, and even claimed that the former TEENick host had outperformed him.

“Master P ain’t got 20 percent of Nick Cannon’s money.”

The callers really got it wrong Wack’sWhen they said that, skin Master PWas the BirdmanBefore Cash Money, he was a co-founder of the rap music industry.


WackShot back:

“P ain’t never been Baby (Birdman). P has never in his life have the kind of money Baby had.”

I was becoming very frustrated with the Clubhouse members. Wack said:

“Ya’ll n*ggas just go off a name.  Next thing you know you’ll be talking about how Suge [Knight] has money.”

Master P founded No Limit Records in the early ’90s. The label saw much success throughout the decade and into the 2000s, launching the rap career of P’s son, Lil’ Romeo.

Master P, Romeo Miller

No Limit was forced to file bankruptcy in 2003. Master P RomeoIt will continue to preserve its legacy. The label has experienced both the rise and fall. Master PHe was well-known for his ability to branch out into multiple business ventures.

Wack 100According to some, he has a history in making clever comments about other artists, including Tupac Shakur Nipsey Hussle.

Is Wack 100 telling the truth about Master P or is it a lie? We’d love to hear your thoughts!