Viral Video Of Amazing Piano Performance At Mall Has Amazing Story Behind It

January 25, 2016Jan 25, 2016

When a bored 18-year-old sat down at a piano in the center of a mall in Lansing, Michigan and began to play, he didn't expect a video a passerby posted of his impromptu performance to go viral over this past weekend.

According to the Lansing State Journal, high school student Montell West's performance of "River Flows in You" caught the attention of Sara Hadley, who posted the video on her Facebook page and got over 257,000 views by mid-afternoon Monday.

Explaining why she shot the video in the first place, Hadley said, "I had goosebumps. It was just amazing, and I figured he just deserved some sort of recognition."

But just as amazing as the rendition of this beautiful song is the fact that West has no formal training and no piano of his own. He says he knows very little about reading music and only has a keyboard to practice on yet was able to teach himself to play with YouTube videos. West says he hasn't been able to afford lessons, but by Monday morning was already receiving offers for a free piano and learning sessions.

West, who hopes to study music at a community college, wants his filmed performance to help people.

"Everybody has those hidden talents and hidden abilities. Hopefully this shows people to not be afraid to show them."