New Facebook Scam Tricking Thousands, Don't Be A Victim

July 18, 2017Jul 18, 2017

A new Facebook scam is going viral and people are being tricked. The scam targets unsuspecting people who think they are going to win two free Southwest Airlines tickets.

The scam tells people that if they fill out a short survey they will win the tickets. The scam also says it is a special promotion for the 88th Anniversary of Southwest.

However, the first red flag, is that Southwest Airlines is only 50-years old. Also, the logo is slightly different on the scam ad as compared to the Southwest Airlines homepage.

According to Snopes, Southwest Airlines has responded to such scams by issuing messages on Twitter that read: “Hey folks! There is a scam being passed around on Facebook about a 2 free ticket offer from SWA. Please don’t click or share the links!”

A spokeswoman for Southwest also commented on the scam. She confirmed there is no affiliation with the offer and with the actual airlines.

“We are aware of the scam for two free tickets being spread across Facebook. This offer is in no way affiliated with Southwest Airlines and we are working with Facebook to get it removed,” said Christi McNeill.

What do you think about this? Please don’t be fooled. Also, share this article and help spread awareness of the scam!