Viral Alert: Flash Flooding Rips Streets Apart, Opens Up Sinkholes In Apocalyptic Video

June 18, 2018Jun 18, 2018

A video of recent flash flooding in northern Michigan is making waves across the internet in a video that is eerily apocalyptic.

The video taken in Houghton, Michigan shows the amazing force that floodwaters are having on the local residential streets. The scope of the damage to the streets is jaw-dropping.

Storms that have moved across northern Michigan have dumped massive amounts of water on the streets, washing them out and creating large sinkholes. Over 60 such incidents have been reported so far.

The flooding has impacted many homes and businesses. Evacuations have been ordered in several areas around Houghton. Warnings have been issued for others to shelter in place as many roads are impassable.

Please pray for Michigan!