Video: Woman Jumps on Hood of Her Car to Stop a Carjacker in Wisconsin

May 25, 2017May 25, 2017

A Wisconsin woman from Milwaukee was pumping gas earlier this week when a man jumped into her car to steal it. Melissa Smith, 28, refused to back down:

Realizing that she had left the keys in the ignition, she jumped onto the hood of her car and grabbed the windshield wiper in an effort to deter him from stealing her car.

The assailant only laughed at her, and proceeded to drive away with her on the hood.

Moments later, the carjacker stopped and left her vehicle, but not before stealing her purse.

He jumped into the back seat of the original car and he and his accomplices drove off, her purse in their possession.

“I had a ‘this is not happening today’ moment,” she told ABC News, and “ran around my car and then decided to hop on.”

Timothy Gauerke, a public information officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, said that multiple suspects were involved, and that the police are still looking for them.

In hindsight, Smith said that “I definitely should not have jumped on my car and risked my life, but that was not what I was thinking at the moment.”

She added that she’s learning to “be more aware of your surroundings no matter where you are,” and to “take your keys with you and lock your car doors when you get gas,” vowing that she’d never do that again.

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