Video: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Officially Ends ‘Fake Pie’ Feud with Heartwarming Gesture

December 15, 2017Dec 15, 2017

On Thanksgiving day earlier this holiday season, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders shared a picture of a homemade delicious-looking Chocolate Pecan Pie on social media. Sanders acknowledged that she “doesn’t cook much these days,” but was proud of her Thanksgiving dessert to share with family.

See the post below:

Because the photo had an all-white background and the pie itself looked “too perfect,” people insisted that the photo was fake, using the hashtags #FakePie and #PieGate. Reporter and CNN analyst April Ryan even joined in on encouraging the rumor, stating that it gave her a "good laugh."

Immediately after the Pecan Pie fiasco, Sanders assured that she would bake the same pie again, tagging Ryan in her comment. Weeks later, she delivered on her promise.

On Wednesday evening, December 13th, Sanders posted several pictures of her baking Chocolate Pecan Pies for the White House press potluck. This time, she was sure to include a step-by-step process and no all-white backgrounds. Additionally, she called out Ryan specifically insisting, “Let me know if you need further documentation.”

At the White House press briefing on Thursday, December 14th, Sanders ended with, “April, “I’m looking forward to having some pie with you,” before everyone enjoyed a post-briefing potluck.

Later, a video of Sanders and Ryan chatting with the pie was released, officially ending the “Fake Pie” feud. It was wonderful to see the two put their differences aside during the Christmas season. Watch the video below.

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