Video Released of Medal of Honor Winner’s Last Stand on Afghanistan Mountain

August 10, 2018Aug 10, 2018

During a firefight on March 4, 2002, on a Takur Ghar, a 10,000-foot mountain in Afghanistan, Tech Sergeant John Chapman fell to the enemy during hand-to-hand combat. On August 22, President Trump will award his family a posthumous Medal of Honor.

The U.S. Air Force recently released a video showing Chapman’s fight as he tried to help rescue a comrade who had fallen after his helicopter was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade.

According to the White House, Chapman “charged into enemy fire through harrowing conditions,” seized a bunker and killed its occupants. When he was struck by enemy fire, he became temporarily incapacitated as he moved from one cover to another to engage the enemy, according to Fox News

His comrades thought Chapman was dead when they moved on from him, off the battlefield, some of them seriously injured. When Chapman regained his consciousness, he fought for an hour after being gunned down, managing to take to al Qaeda militants down before he was killed.

Britt K. Slabinski, one of the members of Seal Team 6, who received the Medal of Honor for his heroics on that same fight, said he was “95 percent certain” that Chapman was dead.

During his ceremony in May, Slabinski said that his medal “belongs to so many others,” naming his teammates “who followed me without hesitation” and those who had died on the mountaintop.

“They gave all for us. This honor is truly theirs. They are the true heroes,” he said in a statement on the White House driveway.

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