Ahead of Historic Meeting, Bystanders Shocked to See What They Think is Trump and Kim on the Street

June 09, 2018Jun 09, 2018

Ahead of their historic meeting scheduled for next week, President Trump and Kim Jong were spotted in Singapore walking together. They were even holding hands.

One bystander who saw them gushed, “I’m so surprised and excited, I’m speechless!”

Another said, “I’m quite impressed that, with no security, they are here.”

But is it true? Only the camera can tell if it’s fake news. See for yourself:


The truth is, these two actors who look fairly similar to their famous counterparts were videoed walking the streets. If looks weren’t enough of a giveaway, you can tell that it’s not the real Donald Trump when the poser said, “Make America better again.”

President Trump’s campaign slogan has always been, “Make America ‘Great’ Again.”

The real meeting between the two leaders isn’t slated to happen until June 12. Singapore has already taken drastic measures to ensure that the city is safe.

According to USA Today, heightened security checks will be in place, and several items will be banned – it’s already against the law to chew gum on the streets.

Drones and firearms will not be allowed, as well as guns and anything that anyone could make to use a public statement or protest, such as aerosol paint cans, loudspeakers and any flag or banner larger than about three feet by three feet.

The meeting will mark the first time that a North Korean leader has met with a sitting U.S. president which, as Time points out, is remarkable since the two countries have no diplomatic relations with each other and are still at war.



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