Officer Makes Incredible Tackle on Homicide Suspect After High-Speed Chase

September 08, 2017Sep 08, 2017

A brazen homicide suspect was quick on his feet Friday afternoon, but he wasn’t fast enough to outrun the long arm of the law. And it was all captured on camera.

The suspect was fleeing from police in a crossover SUV in Detroit, leading them on a high-speed chase down a freeway, according to Click On Detroit. Then one of the SUV’s tires went flat.

That’s when he immediately fled the vehicles as patrol cars surrounded him. He went for the only route of possible escape, hopping over a median onto the opposite side of the freeway and running across lanes of high-speed traffic. Two officers could be seen in close pursuit, clearing the tall cement median in a single, almost synchronized motion.

Then the suspect saw a minivan coming right at him. That’s when he tried to execute a Hollywood-style move.

Running up the hood of the van as it slammed on its brakes, the suspect found himself slamming into the large windshield stomach first. One officer caught up to him as he crawled onto the roof, but he squirmed away from the policeman’s grasp.

That’s when another law enforcement officer performed the tackle of the year, running right up the front of the now-stationary van, half tackling and half shoving the suspect right into the arms of awaiting police as he himself slid to his knees right to the edge of the roof without going over.

The suspect continued to struggle but was held down by six officers as they handcuffed him. The incident happened on the I-75, according to the Detroit Free Press. Further details have not yet been released. Watch the video below:

What do you think of this? Meanwhile in Ohio, an active shooter was reported at a high school.

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