Video of the “Most Beautiful Storm” Going Viral

July 21, 2017Jul 21, 2017

A video of the world’s “most beautiful storm ever witnessed” is going viral on social media. The video reportedly revolves around a photo captured by a “photographer and storm chaser” named Marko Korosec.

On Instagram, Korosec states the photo is a “majestic nighttime South Dakota tornadic supercell from June 19th, 2015.” The photo perfectly shows a beautiful, layered structure of the tornado in the night sky.

The photo was transformed into a GIF video, which quickly captured the attention of many users. In a Facebook post shared by the “LADbible”, the video has over 43 million views, over 1 million reactions, and over 1.2 million shares.

Watch the video of the “most beautiful storm ever witnessed” below. Others commented on how it also looked “frightening” and “dangerous.”

Korosec also captures other storm footage such as lighting storms, blizzards, and much more. Take a look at some of his other beautiful pictures below.

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