Video Shows Marjorie Taylor Greene Kicking a Teen Activist

A group of Gen Z activists shared video evidence showing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R. Georgia) kicking one their members on a sidewalk near the U.S. Capitol Building.

Early Thursday evening, members progressive group Voters of Tomorrow — which seeks to increase political engagement among young people — confronted Greene and her staff, speaking to her about gun reform and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in a heated debate that was captured on video.

Marianna Pecora (deputy communications director for the group) is seen walking alongside Greene at one point in the video. Pecora walks alongside Greene as the sidewalk narrows and then steps aside from Greene.

Greene is still in the distance, but Georgia legislator Pecora appears annoyed that she walked in front. Greene can then be seen striking the back of Pecora’s leg with her foot, causing the activist to stumble.

When Pecora and other group members complain about Greene’s actions, the lawmaker dismisses them. The video shows Greene’s spokesperson. telling the organization’s members, “You can’t block members of Congress” on the sidewalk.

Greene has filmed and posted the interactions of young activists she encountered on Washington D.C. sidewalks in the past using her smartphone. This was the case. when she harassed Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg in 2019.

Instead of apologizing to the activist for being kicked, Greene shared the video of her striking Pecora on her Twitter account, calling those who confronted her “foolish cowards.” Pecora responded to Greene’s post by quoting it in a tweet of her own.

“Did she literally just tweet out the video of her kicking me?” Pecora asked.

Pecora wrote in a different post that Greene was the only lawmaker to react with hostility to the group. “All the members of Congress we’ve met with so far (both Rs and Ds) have been nothing but respectful — except for @RepMTG,” Pecora said.

“It’s honestly, like, really disheartening to think that a bunch of kids can hold themselves with better composure than a sitting member of Congress,” Pecora saidIn a follow-up interview with The Washington Post.

Greene kicked Pecora the same day Santiago Mayer, executive director of Voters of Tomorrow, was verbally attacked. telling him to “go to another country”If he was against gun laws in the U.S.

Mayer, who moved to the country from Mexico in 2017, pointed out that Greene wasn’t the only GOP lawmaker who acted out against the organizers.

“Also [Colorado Republican Congresswoman] Lauren Boebert tried to knock my phone off my hand,” Mayer said.