Victim Killed In UCLA Shooting Described As Christian Who Saw Role For Faith In Science

June 02, 2016Jun 02, 2016

A shooting on the campus of UCLA yesterday sparked a massive law enforcement response and ended in the death of the shooter, a UCLA professor, and a woman in Minnesota. Now details are emerging about the widely loved professor and father of two who was also described as a Christian in the midst of a liberal, secular university setting.

According to NBC News, UCLA engineering professor William Klug, 39, graduated from a Christian college, always applied faith to his scientific work, and believed God was responsible for the universe.


The gunman, Mainak Sarkar, 38, was a former aerospace engineering student who had previously praised Klug as his mentor, especially after Klug bent over backwards to help him with his doctorate dissertation. But according to the LA Times, Sarkar started writing a series of rants on social media a few months ago, saying Klug was a very sick man and enemy and could not be trusted by anyone. He accused Klug of stealing his computer code. According to KTLA, UCLA officials have dismissed that claim as "the workings of [Sarkar's] imagination."

Yesterday, after allegedly shooting to death a woman in Minnesota who was on his "kill list," Sarkar drove to UCLA and fatally shot Klug multiple times before turning one of his two handguns on himself.

Friends and students are greatly mourning the death of a professor who was deeply devoted to serving his wife and kids, his community, his faith, and his students.

The El Segundo Little League, where Klug coached, said, "Bill's assistant coaches, players and team family, along with the entire league, are trying to make sense of this horrifying and violent tragedy."

Computer science student Renjie Li said of Klug, "He was always there for us. I just really appreciate him being that type of person there when I'm in trouble doing my project or having trouble figuring out a problem."

A GoFundMe page has been setup for Klug's family.