Vice President Pence Makes Headlines for His Actions on Veteran's Day

November 12, 2017Nov 12, 2017

As the nation banded together to celebrate our veterans, one of the most powerful men in the world put on some gloves and got to work! Vice President Pence is making headlines for what he did to honor veterans.

Vice President Pence helped to clean the Vietnam Memorial Wall by hand. He wore gloves and scrubbed the wall as onlookers solemnly watched.

“Vice President Pence’s work glove quickly soaked through with water as he scrubbed the names etched in the black granite walls of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Saturday,” according to USA Today.

The wall is usually sprayed with cleaner and a hose. However, the freezing temperatures meant it had to be cleaned by hand. A group of volunteers also showed up to help clean the wall.

At one point, Vice President Pence’s wife, Karen Pence, also helped clean the wall. After the Pence’s were done honoring the victims of the war with a dazzling surface, they thanked veterans for their service.

What do you think about this? Are you glad to see a Vice President honor his country in this way? Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page. In other news, a legendary "Magnum, P.I" actor has recently passed away. 

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