Veteran In Wheelchair Finds Incredibly Inventive Way To Help Community On Snowy Days

February 01, 2016Feb 01, 2016

Despite losing a leg and battling cancer, an Iraq War veteran in Bellevue, Nebraska is plowing ahead in life. Quite literally.

According to WOWT News, Justin Anderson last year made some hefty modifications to his off-road wheelchair to turn it into a snowplow. That's been especially handy this winter with heavy snowfall in the Omaha area. Every time it snows, Anderson has been attacking the sidewalks and driveways of his neighborhood with his wheelchair plow.

Anderson feels it's his way of helping a community that has helped him.

“The community has supported me immensely with my struggles and tough times as I had a leg amputated and my fight with brain cancer. This is my way of giving back. It's very gratifying. It's nice to know you're appreciated. But even if I didn't get any response from anyone — or nobody said 'thank you' — I'd still do it.”

His kind deed is especially helpful for kids walking to the elementary school around the corner.

Watch Anderson's wheelchair plow in action here: