Veteran Creates Booming Business, Gears Up for Big Memorial Day Sales

May 28, 2017May 28, 2017

As Memorial Day approaches, many Americans look for ways to honor and remember the fallen soldiers and service members who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Now, thanks to an idea that came to him during his rehabilitation sessions, one U.S. veteran is helping America honor our fallen heroes.

Brian Steorts is a combat veteran who served over a decade in the United States Air Force. When he became injured and entered rehab, he noticed the flag on his arm was gone since he wasn't wearing his uniform every day.

He decided that needed to change. He wanted to still represent the country and be reminded of the reasons he served. He began crafting the ultimate piece of wood art, reflective of the nation's flag.

Watch the video below for more details about Brian's company and to see his products.

Now, Brian successfully runs a company that brings life to the American flag. He uses American-made supplies and tools and hires veterans to help craft his art. Each piece is uniquely crafted.

Nearly all of the wooden flags have signatures from a veteran on the back. Since launching his business, Brian has been able to use his platform to raise money for other veterans and charities.

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Also, please remember to pray for our men and women in uniform and be grateful for their sacrifices during this reflective time of Memorial Day.