American Company Donates $10,000,000 for Harvey Victims

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey has been devastating, but has at least had one positive impact. It has reminded Americans the value of coming together to help their fellow man. This has been seen, for instance, in the lack of criticism about President Trump's handling of the situation. The liberal media, usually eager to criticize the president, has generally viewed his handling of the situation in a favorable light. 

Now it has been reported that Verizon Wireless has pledged a large amount to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. The company has pledged a mighty $10,000,000 to those who are suffering from the flooding. 

According to the company: "Verizon today announced support of South Texas through a $10 million pledge to fund Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The nation's most reliable wireless provider has partnered with local and state government officials to identify four non-profit agencies to support that are working on-the-ground on both immediate and long-term needs. Verizon will share the specific details regarding the non-profits in the coming days."

"It is heartbreaking to witness a disaster of this magnitude; our hearts and full support go out to the communities being impacted by Hurricane Harvey, including our own customers and employees," remarked Lowell McAdam, the chairman and CEO. "Verizon is committed to working alongside disaster relief partners to help return a sense of normalcy to residents and restore the areas impacted by the storm. Houston and South Texas are vital to the fabric of America and we want to be on the front lines of the rebuilding efforts."

Betanews reports that Verizon will be helping victims in other ways as well. For instance, many customers will be relieved of prepaying, and will receive extra date, talk, and text until September 15. They are also deploying mobile equipment to supplement service in areas of South Texas that need extra network capacity. 

Verizon will also be working with federal and local government agencies to support first responders on the ground who need cell services. The company will also be providing financial assistance to employees who have been struck by the disaster. The list doesn't end here.

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