‘Vengeful’ Angelina Jolie Allegedly Spending Brad Pitt’s Money On ‘Shopping Sprees’ With Kids Despite $120 Million Net Worth, Source Claims

It is Angelina JolieShe tries to spend her ex-husband and rack up huge bills Brad Pitt into the “poorhouse?” A tabloid recently reported that the Eternals actress was treating the former couple’s children to luxurious shopping sprees and expensive restaurants and forcing Pitt to pay the bill. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Angelina Jolie ‘Delighting’ In Spending Brad Pitt’s Money?

“Angelina’s Money Pitt!” reads the headline out of a recent edition of the Globe. “Vengeful” Angelina Jolie, the tabloid writes, has been “blowing a fortune” on her six children then allegedly sending her ex-husband Brad Pitt the bills. Jolie has been seen dining at exclusive restaurants, such as Nobu in Malibu, and visiting trendy and expensive shops like Fred Segal, West Hollywood. 

Each time, she’s had “one or a few” of her and Pitt’s children come along with her, which was a deliberate and underhanded decision, a source confided. “She takes great delight by telling them money’s no object and to spend what they want at the stores, then watching them rack up the bills before she sends the invoice directly to Brad,” the so-called “insider” sniveled. 

“When they go out to lunch, Angie encourages the children to order whatever they want from the menu and not to look at the prices — because their dad’s paying!” Something tells us Pitt and Jolie’s children have never needed to check out the menu prices while dining out with their famous and wealthy parents, but we’ll leave that point where it is for the time being. 

Brad Pitt Has No Idea, Source Claims

The source pressed on with their tale, claiming “Brad, who’s the total opposite of cheap, likes to still think his kids are getting something out of him, even if it is just a paycheck.” Unfortunately for clueless Pitt, “sneaky” Jolie “is also spending a ton on herself — and sending him the bill,” the insider exclaimed, despite the fact that the actress is worth an estimated $120 million. 

Apparently, Jolie’s “shopping sprees” are all a part of her “burning mission to spend Brad into the poorhouse,” the snitch claimed. “Of course, it will take a while to even dent Brad’s bank account, since he’s worth $300 million, but Angie is having fun trying.”  

Gossip Cop’s Take On The Wild Rumor

First of all, it’s fascinating to see the GlobeThe tabloid revealed a new layer to its well-documented hate-affairs with Angelina Jolie. The tabloid has written about the actress Always and has lobbed so many bizarre accusations at her that it’s hard to keep track. Luckily, our site is dedicated to calling out this and other poorly informed tabloids on their lies, so we’re able to look back at the Globe’sObsession with tearing Jolie apart.  

In 2019, the supermarket rag had the audacity to claim that Jolie was purposefully “starving herself” in an attempt to get back at ex Brad Pitt. Jolie’s body, specifically her weight, has long been an obsession among the tabloid crowd, but leave it to the Globeto push them to the most extreme, cruel corner they could crawl to. 

In addition to this outlet’s obvious and heavy bias against Jolie, there’s also its record of flip-flopping. To put it bluntly, this tabloid lies so much it can’t keep up with itself. A few months back, it reported that Jolie was desperately seeking out a billionaire boyfriend to help her pay the bills. 

A few years back, it insisted that Jolie’s financial situation was so dire, she was forcing her kids to wear thrift shop clothing and eat cheap TV dinners to save money. So…which is it? Is Jolie living the high life on Brad Pitt’s dime, or is she so desperate for cash she’s trying to seduce billionaires and dressing her kids in hand-me-downs? Can’t have it both ways, Globe. As always, shoddy work

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