Vanity Fair Mocks Hillary Clinton in New Year’s Resolution Video

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

The fashion/culture publication Vanity Fair doesn’t shy away from politics, but according to the Media Bias/Fact Check website, their bias falls far to the left. Despite their bias, they made it obvious this weekend that they’re no fan of Hillary Clinton.

The editors of Vanity Fair’s opinion section, called Hive, posted a video on Twitter that mocked her with an intensity that would make a President Trump supporter proud. In the video entitled “Six New Year’s Resolutions for Hillary Clinton,” the editors each hold a glass of wine while standing in front of a white background and giving Hillary suggested resolutions — in a style reminiscent of when Robert Downey Jr. and other “Avengers” actors and celebrities got in front of a camera and begged voters to not vote for Trump.

On a side note, Vanity Fair even wondered after the election if Hillary’s cavalcade of celebrity endorsements actually hurt her in the ballot box.

In Vanity Fair’s video, Hillary gets mocked royally by an editorial staff that wants her to do anything but run for president again in 2020. Take a look (PARENTAL WARNING: One mild swear word):

In the video, the editors give Hillary six resolutions for 2018: Explain better why she lost, don’t consider running again, teach a class in “alternate nostril breathing,” spend more time in the woods hiking, take up non-political hobbies, and stop blaming former FBI director James Comey.

Not surprisingly, the left-leaning publication’s mockery didn’t go over well with many Hillary-supporting liberals. They let their opinion be known in reply to Vanity Fair’s Twitter post.

Other comments revealed the in-fighting in the Democrat party that is still happening over the Bernie Sanders-Hillary divide.

Vanity Fair has done similar videos for White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn.

What do you think of this? In other news, First Lady Melania Trump had some fun taking a Christmas photo, and now she’s getting attacked for it.

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