Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson Celebrate New Cocktail Launch

What a night! Vanessa Hudgens Ashley BensonThey wore matching all-black outfits while celebrating the launch their new cocktail at The Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits and Fleishigs Magazine event, New York City, on Sunday September 25th.

The actresses are Rosario DawsonThey have been best friends for years and teamed up with Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spiritss to create Margalicious Margarita a premium, kosher margarita.

Sean Zanni/Getty Images

“Refreshment comes in many forms, but the Margalicious Margarita reigns supreme. Its freshly squeezed lime juice, pure sea salt, and hint of orange zest blend delightfully with our high-quality tequila,” according to the Thomas Ashbourne website.

The event was held at Wall St. Grill, guests were able to enjoy the Margalicious Margarita in all its various forms – poured straight, over dry ice and frozen. The summer’s hottest cocktail features distilled spirits at high proof, fresh and kosher spirits, as well as fresh and all-natural ingredients.

“We’ve had so much fun making it — from perfecting the taste, creating the looks of the cans, the bottles, the colors, and everything,” the Pretty Little LiarsStar recalled to PeopleDuring an interview session with Dawson and Hudgens. “It was a super fun opportunity.”

Dawson spoke out about her contributions to the brand. “I feel very blessed because these wonderful ladies brought me on board with this incredible drink,” she told the outlet. “And my offering was the Margalicious name, which was an homage to my daughter Isabella, whose middle name is Margalita. It’s a fun name for a fun product.”

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“My favorite memories of going out with my girlfriends is going to a Mexican restaurant and getting a margarita,” the High School MusicalThe cocktail’s inspiration was said by an alum. “There’s definitely a specific vibe that comes along with it, and it totally fits our personalities.”

Hudgens, Benson, and Dawson’s collab is part of a group of cocktails Thomas Ashbourne is launching, including Sarah Jessica Parker’s Perfect Cosmo, John Cena’s Classic Old Fashioned, and Playboi Carti’s Hardscatto.

Visit the Thomas Ashbourne website to learn how you can make your own cocktails.