Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Gushes About ‘New Boobs’ and ‘New Ear’

Put yourself first! Lala Kent is looking forward to the next chapter of her life — which starts with investing in plastic surgery that makes her happy.

“Oh, my gosh. I love my new boobs. I love my boobs, and I love the new ear. I’m feeling it’s gonna be hot girl summer,” Kent, 31, exclusively told Us WeeklyFriday, July 18: She noted that she had wanted her ear done for some time. “I got my left ear pinned back. Find a throwback photo of me with my hair down. I’m telling you this ear is snatched. Take a look at her. She’s so cute.”

According to the Vanderpump Rules star, her plastic surgery was inspired by feeling “self-conscious” in the past. “Since I was a little kid [I wanted to fix my left ear]. There were so many insecurities that I’ve had throughout my lifetime that I’ve gotten over and [I] just accepted the ear was not one of them,” she shared. “And I was like, ‘If I can fix it, I’m going to.’ Now I never wear my hair down.”

Kent, who had breast implant surgery earlier this year, was looking for a change in pace before filming season 10. “I’m still wondering if I have bangs or not. Literally, everyone told me, ‘Do not cut [your] bangs. You’re going to regret it,’” she said about a potential new hairdo. “So, I literally just turned my broken hairs into bangs, just to dip the toe in the pond. They were very enjoyable for me. I felt very vulnerable with my bangs.”


Lala Kent at ‘Vanderpump A Paris’ Celebrates Grand Opening in Las Vegas on April 21, 2022.

Reality star also admitted that she felt embarrassed after taking a break from bleaching her hair blonde. “I was mortified with how huge my roots were [before]. When you are blonde, you try to not bleach it a ton,” Kent explained. “But then you get into this stage of like, ‘Oh gosh, this woman needs to get her hair done.’ I was trying to get it healthy again.”

She added: “When I’m super blonde, I am Lala. When I am not putting on glam or my roots are down to my ankles, I am like, ‘Oh, we are Lauren from Utah today.’”

Kent previously spoke out about how motherhood has affected her plans for plastic surgery. “By the sound of it, it may sound like I’m getting my boobs done for men, but it’s getting my boobs done for me,” she said on an episode of her “Give Them Lala” podcast in January, adding that she wanted her breast implants to reflect her pre-pregnancy body. “They were massive and I loved them.”

During her interview with UseThe beauty mogul also discussed her plans for having more children in the near future. “The short answer to your question is yes, I would love more kids. Don’t want more baby daddies, but I do want more kids,” Kent, who shares 16-month-old daughter Ocean with ex Randall Emmett, said.

Kent feels that the idea of a donor sperm seems like the best choice. “I’ve only been out of my last relationship for about nine months, but right now, that for me is the only option that I would consider,” she revealed. “I’m a little gun-shy right now.”

Sarah Hearon reporting

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