VA School Caught Trying To Shame And Guilt Students Based On Their Race, Parents Outraged

February 11, 2016Feb 11, 2016

Glen Allen High School in Henrico, Virginia has come under fire for showing students what is being described as a propaganda video during black history month activities.

The video in question is titled “Structural Discrimination: The Unequal Opportunity Race.”  According to the Blaze, the video was shown during an assembly.

The video shows four people on a track, running a race.  Two of the participants are white and the other two are African American.  When the race starts, the two white runners take off while the other two are barricaded behind stoplights that flash words such as “slavery”, “broken treaties”, “genocide”, “exclusion” etc.

The video continues as the white runners run unimpeded and without troubles.  As the white runners age, the baton they are carrying gets bigger and is plastered with a money sign on the side of it.  The baton is then passed ever so lovingly to the runner’s son and onto further generations.

The white runners lap the African American runners with large money batons and huge smiles on their faces.  Finally, when the clock reads “1964”, the other runners start the race.  They are immediately faced with storm clouds overhead, rocks on the course, pits in the ground, pools of sharks, police checkpoints..etc

The video then shows the white runner standing on a conveyor belt and drinking from a “Yale” water bottle while the African American runner is sitting against a brick wall, curled up and head down with a “dead end” sign on the wall.

The video ends with the words “Affirmative action helps level the playing field.”

The outlandish and racist video makes the assumption that because of a person’s skin color they have an easy road in life with no struggles at all, large bank accounts, and easy access to Ivy league schools while at the same time suggesting that people of color have no opportunities or chances in life without forced government mandates.  Martin Luther King Jr. must be rolling over in his grave to see his dream so tarnished.

One of the student’s relatives demands answers.  “They are sitting there watching a video that is dividing them up from a racial standpoint.  It’s a white guilt kind of video.  I think somebody should be held accountable for this,” the relative said.

School officials responded with a statement of their own.  “The students participated in a presentation that involved American history and racial discourse.  A segment of the video was one component of a thoughtful discussion in which all viewpoints were encouraged.  As always, we are welcoming of feedback from students and their families, and we address concerns directly as they come forward.”

Watch the video below

Do you think this video is appropriate or divisive?