Utah Teen ‘Brutally’ Murdered While on Phone with Mom, Suspect Arrested

May 09, 2018May 09, 2018

A 15-year-old girl was brutally murdered while on the phone with her mom Monday. The suspect has been arrested.

According to Fox News, Baleigh Bagshaw was killed inside her home by a man accused of a previous unlawful sexual encounter with her. She was found dead inside her Salt Lake City home just after 3 p.m. after cops had conducted a welfare check.

The mom was on the phone with her daughter when the suspect attacked her. The mother heard part of the assault before the phone went dead, according to Fox13

“She was on the phone with her mother,” said Sergeant Brandon Shearer of the Salt Lake Police Department. “She was brutally attacked while inside her home. The mother heard the attack going on, and then the phone went dead. At that time, the mother called a neighbor to go check with Baleigh, and who also contacted police.”

The suspect in custody has been identified as Shaun French, 24, who had a previous relationship with the girl. A warrant for his arrest had been made previously from a sexual encounter with Bagshaw, according to police.

Additionally, he had lived in the same house as Bagshaw, but it was reported that he had not been living there at the time of the murder, according to Deseret News

Bagshaw attended West High School in Salt Lake City. She was known by her friends to be dependable and positive.

“She was really sweet,” said Gwendolyn Robinson. “She worked very hard. She was a good girl.”

“I can’t even guess what the mother would be going through right now,” added Shearer. “Our hearts and thoughts are with her.”

As of yet, the police have not identified how Bagshaw died or the weapons used, but described it as a “very violent attack.” It is unknown whether the suspect was in the house waiting for her when she returned home.

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