Utah Father Found After 19 Day Search

August 14, 2017Aug 14, 2017

Paul Swenson, 30, had been missing since July 27th. His wife, a well-known blogger, had been desperately searching for him for 19 days. In an Instagram post earlier in August, his wife, 26, had pleaded to him to return to her and their seven-month-old baby girl, Poppy. 

The case was shrouded in mystery. The husband had been acting odd in the days up until his disappearance, and he left for a doctor's appointment, complaining of heart issues. A day later, they found his car abandoned. It's still not clear what happened to Paul. 

On August 14th, his wife announced that the worst had happened: they had found Paul's body. 

"Our family has learned the heart-wrenching news that the body of our beloved Paul Heiner Swenson has been found. We are deeply pained to have our most dreaded fear confirmed," shared Ashlee on her Instagram. 

She also added, "We have been working with law enforcement closely over the past weeks as they search for answers. Thank you for your prayers for Paul and our whole family. We are asking for privacy as our family takes the time to absorb this tragic news and to mourn. We want to express our deepest gratitude to you as our community. Your support has lifted us. Please pray for us."

Over the past few weeks, Ashlee has been posting photos of her and her husband on Instagram, asking the community to help them find him and letting him know how much she loved him. The couple had had marital troubles, but she decided to stand by his side.




Please pray for Ashlee Swenson, her little girl, and the rest of the family as they mourn the lost of husband, father, and son. Read more about the original case here.  

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