Utah College Allows Men On Women's Teams, Vice Versa — But With One HUGE Exception!

August 19, 2016Aug 19, 2016

Westminster College in Salt Lake City is making a stand by formally announcing that it is allowing transgender individuals to play on the teams that match their "gender identity" rather than biological sex. In other words, they're allowing men onto women's teams and women onto men's teams.

But there's one huge exception, and some could consider it a serious act of discrimination.

According to Campus Reform, the school's Title IX coordinator Jason Schwartz said, “In cases where selection for teams is competitive or when the activity involved is a contact sport, Westminster College will make tailored requirements based on sound, current, and research-based medical knowledge about the impact of an individual student’s participation on the competitive fairness or physical safety of the sport.”

In other words, the school is trying to retain a shred of common sense by saying a 400-pound male defensive lineman may not be able to switch from the men's football team to the women's soccer team. And, a 110-pound woman may be barred from the men's football team.

Westminster's newly stated rules also allow men into women's dorm rooms, restrooms, and lockers rooms and vice versa.

What do you think of this?