Alert: United States Postal Service to Suspend Mail in Several States on Wednesday

January 29, 2019Jan 29, 2019

Extremely cold weather around the midwest has caused several problems for thousands of Americans. Now, the news has been confirmed that thousands will not receive their mail on time due to sub-zero temperatures.

According to initial reports, the United States Postal Service said they were suspending their operations in several states on Wednesday, January 30.

The agency announced that cold weather is preventing operations in Iowa, Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and western Illinois. Later, they added parts of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, North and South Dakota.

However, as of late Tuesday night, the agency changed their mind on a few of the locations. They revealed that they would hopefully continue mail services to Missouri and Kansas.

The suspension will affect mail pickup from businesses and commercial package pickup services as well as standard mail delivery services.

The United States Postal Service is notorious for answering the call of duty no matter what the weather may be. However, due to the extreme cold front complete with sub-zero temperatures from the polar vortex, they will be suspending their efforts for at least one day.

According to Fox, temperatures in some of the above-mentioned areas will drop below zero on Tuesday night. The cold weather, combined with the intense wind, could result in wind chills of -20 to -30. In the upper Midwest, the wind chills could least as low as -40 and -50.

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