Famous Entertainers Brutally Attacked at Recording Studio, Suspect on the Loose

February 13, 2019Feb 13, 2019

Some troubling news was just reported out of a famous West Hollywood studio. According to reports, several famous entertainers were at the recording studio when they were attacked in broad daylight.

According to TMZ, Rich the Kid and his team were the targets of a violent robbery. Additionally, Grammy Award-winning Usher was in the studio recording at the time of the attack.

TMZ reported that Rich the Kid was outside when a man began attacking him and “multiple entourage members.” They reported that one bodyguard was “badly pistol whipped.”

After attacking, the man began running away while firing shots behind him. Initial reports claim that at least 10 shots were fired.

Immediately following the attack, the L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies began circling the area in an attempt to find the suspect or suspects. TMZ noted that the thief was able to steal “a ton of cash” and jewelry.

Earlier that day, Rich the Kid had posted a photo of himself on social media holding a big stack of money.

He wrote, “Always in bank mo deposit ^.”

Usher was completely unharmed by the incident. Reports are still unclear about whether anyone who was physically attacked suffered anything beyond minor injuries.

Thankfully, no one appeared to be severely injured in this attack. However, as of early Wednesday morning, police were still searching for the suspect in this attack. In other recent news, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill just revealed some sad family news.