USA’s Leo Temory Talks Hall Brawl Elimination

The complete story? Leo TemoryAll the details about what really happened are being revealed The Challenge: USAAfter his expulsion on Wednesday, August 24,

The business owner is the only one who can speak for it Us Weekly he actually “suffered a concussion from that hit” against Enzo Palumbo in the infamous “Hall Brawl,” which ultimately sent him home.

“The magic of TV, man, I tell you,” Leo says the morning after his elimination aired. “I have the utmost respect for everybody, especially [host] T.J. [Lavin]. I wanted to shake his hand but the medics and stunt teams stopped me because they wanted to make sure I was okay. ‘Cause it was a big collision. Because I was swaying, they sat me down and brought out an ambulance. So I had to go to the hospital and the edits make it seem otherwise.”

Leo Temory.
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Leo says there’s more too. “When you see me wearing that black shirt saying, ‘They’re all snakes,’ I said that after me and Sarah [Lacina] got blindsided, so I didn’t get a chance to do my exit interviews or recap that episode at all, because I was in the hospital,” he explains. “Even with T.J. saying, ‘Oh, Leo’s taking the time himself. He didn’t say that. You could see. It is worth watching again. That was added after the fact.”

Still, one half of the “Afghanimals” gives “kudos to these editors,” adding, “They do a great job, but you know who I am, all I live and breathe is positivity and good energy. … I came to compete, I won two of the eliminations and go to the recordings, I know I won that last challenge as well.”

Referring to the daily challenge SurvivorAlum Ben DriebergenLeo says that he narrowly beats him Use, “Go watch the tapes, There’s a lot of story line stuff going on. So that’s why it made more sense to give it to him. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a realist, but check, Sharon. Ask them for the tapes.”

The L.A. resident had already packed his bags and was ready to leave earlier in the season due to problems with his businesses back home. Alyssa LopezHe was convinced to stay. But he says that’s not what it seemed either.

The Challenge: USA's Leo Temory on His Elimination, Hall Brawl

‘The Challenge’.
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“Again, with the edits, I was told I would get business calls, and then I did, and then they took those away,” Leo tells Use. “That’s why when I’m talking to my girlfriend, I’m not talking to her. I’m talking to a walkie-talkie. They said, ‘Oh, time’s up. And I’m like, ‘No, I gotta finish this phone call.’ I gotta tell her what to do because I got four bars and my managers were all calling her and she was telling me what was happening. She was the middleman. So when they said time is up, that’s when I got frustrated and said, I’m gonna leave, but then producers, they talked to me, I stayed and they told me I’ll get a call three days from now.”

Leo seemingly knew he wasn’t long for this game given numbers were never on his side. “That’s what sucks about having only one other Amazing Racer, because at the end of the day, it’s always gonna be a numbers game. It was a tough battle from the beginning but I won. Cayla [Platt]It was a great success. Hopefully, Cayla goes all the way.”

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