USA’s Azah, Cinco Didn’t Want to Throw Out Names

Keep it cute! Azah AwasumAnd Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr.They are in good spirits following their elimination The Challenge: USADuring the Wednesday August 3rd episode.

The Big Brother 23Alum and Love IslanderTalked with Us WeeklyThe morning after, they opened up about their challenge and went home.

“I wish it was physical,” Azah exclusively tells Use. “I wish the elimination challenge was physical because what I’ve said is I feel like I could have just sat on Cinco’s back, and he would’ve taken care of everything for us. We would’ve gotten back in that house. Would’ve gotten no blame. Would’ve been great.”

Cinco agrees, “Definitely wish it was physical, but at the same time, we did our best for short notice and under pressure.”

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During deliberation, neither really wanted to throw out names when it came to who they’d be competing against in the arena, though they had some in mind.

“We both agreed that we felt we would be a good match with Alyssa [Lopez]David [Alexander],” Azah tells Use. “But I didn’t feel comfortable saying that name with my alliance. And I knew that if anyone found out that I had spoken something, it would be a reason to target me if they came back in the house. We decided that it was best not to share anything, among other reasons. [from] deliberation, and let that blood be on their hands if we end up coming back in.”

Leo TemoryAnd Sarah LacinaThey were eventually accepted by daily challenge winners Tyson ApostolAnd Cashay ProudfootMany were surprised to learn that Sarah and Tyson are both SurvivorWinners, and they were yet to turn on themselves.

“I mean, I heard it was talked about,” Cinco says. “Tyson and Cash came to like, ‘Yo, we’re kinda leaning this way, but we’re not sure. We’ll let you know later.’ Blah, blah, blah. I’m like, ‘OK, cool.’ But later never came. So it was like, OK, I don’t know if they are still leaning that way or they changed their mind or whatever. It was all up in the air. It was all up in the air. However, I was confident in my partner as well as myself. We have to compete with whoever they put down there. So that’s where my head space was. That’s me. She made it out of that place once before. Let go ahead and try to do it again.”

The Challenge USA's Azah and Cinco Exit Interview
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As for her Big Brother 23 castmates Alyssa andKyland Young’s polarizing decision to throw in Xavier Prather the week prior, Azah says she was “absolutely shocked.”

“I, myself, didn’t want didn’t Xavier in the final,” she admits. “If he gets to the final and wins, I’m going to look like a fool having this person win twice in one year. This is insane. But as soon as I got in the house, I got Xavier as a partner in the second challenge, a challenge that I wasn’t able to swim. He really helped us to not be last, and was not an option. So, I realized that for the time being, it was more useful to keep Xavier, not just as a number, but a number that’s capable of doing strong competitions that can keep us safe.”

Cinco adds, “That was petty. I mean, for me personally, if we’re talking about game-wise … I didn’t think that was necessary or smart, but if you like really felt that you really needed to do that for a personal vendetta, then, I mean, I get it. You did the right move, but that’s not my business.”

The Challenge: USAThe program airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on CBS. ET.