USA’ Cast Reveal Advice They Got From Vets

Are they casuals, or super fans? The Challenge: USACast seem to have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to the game. They also reached out to former players for their advice.

These videos are exclusive to Us WeeklyThe competitors talk about their favorite past experiences. ChallengePlayers and moments, as well as which veterans of the game they consulted for tips before playing.

“When CT carried Johnny Bananas on a backpack and just threw him in the trash,” Big BrotherAlum Enzo PalumboRecalls his favorite moment from Challenge history.

Laura Barisonzi Courtesy Paramount

Both are available for advice. Shantel Smith Danny McCrayTalked to a friend SurvivorAlum Michaela BradshawBefore you head out to play.

“I actually spoke with Michaela. She didn’t fare so well on her first season of The Challenge because I saw something with a list,” Danny says of her time on The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. “She just told me the social game is really important.”

Cut to Michaela actually popping up on screen, pleading, “T.J. [Lavin]Bring me back. I have learned all of my lessons. Actually, I actually made a list. I’m gonna do great next time. You just watch.”

Meanwhile, Domenick AbbateOne thing, another Survivor alum, said, “Going into The Challenge, I did get to speak to one person. It’s [Survivor season 39 winner] Tommy Sheehan, who gave me some nuts and bolts, and told me, ‘Don’t hold back. You’re here for this. It’s up to you to embrace it. You should play this game as hard and as often as possible, just as you did on Survivor. The Challenge is going to push you a little further and really test you mentally a little harder.’ Tommy told me, ‘Hit it and hit it hard.’”

SurvivorSeason 27 winner Tyson ApostolSays season 33 winner Michelle FitzgeraldHe was told the Challenge experience would be “life-changing” while his friend and season 29 winner Natalie Anderson said, “Bring earplugs to sleep at night.”

“Honestly, that was the greater advice,” Tyson admits. You can see both videos in the video above.

The Challenge: USAPremiere Wednesday, July 6 at 9:30 PM ET/PT