US Vet, Fighting in Iraq, Does the Impossible, Inspired by Bible Verse

June 28, 2017Jun 28, 2017

Dave Eubank, a former Special Forces soldier, who was in Mosul, Iraq, to run a Christian humanitarian organization, got a call from an Iraqi unit who was fighting on the frontlines to stop ISIS.

“They said civilians coming, a lot (of them) shot, said Eubank to CNN. “We got there and a guy came crying, crying, he said, ‘My daughter was shot in front of me, her head was blown off.”

“We saw these 13 bodies and then we saw movement,” said Eubank. “Here they are, look against the wall, these are all dead people.” He showed a reporter a picture of bodies crumpled against each other.

American forces dropped a curtain of smoke, and Eubank and others maneuvered closer, hiding behind a tank – as close as he could.

“We got there and then the smoke lifted,” said Eubank. “And then ISIS just hammers them. And the people there are like, ‘Come! Come!’ And the little girl gets out from under her dead mother’s hijab and she sees us – the tank is shooting, you know.”

Eubank made a split-second decision, inspired by a Bible verse that he had been meditating on for some time after he had rescued another small child, according to CBN News.

“John 13:15 – hope I got that right – but I know the words though, ‘Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay his life down for his friends.’”

“I just said, ‘Lord help us’ and if I die my wife and kids would understand … it’s to save a little girl and I ran and I had to pull her away from her dead mother,” he said.

Eubank ran 100 yards through ISIS fire to save the girl.

“I thought, ‘I’m gonna get killed’ and that verse came to me. I thought, ‘Uh-oh, I gotta follow that order from Jesus’ and I was afraid, but God gave me strength and almost every day that verse kept coming to me,” he said.

Please pray for those in Iraq who are suffering from the brutality under the hands of ISIS.