AP: 7 Crewmembers Missing After U.S. Navy Ship Collides With Other Vessel

June 16, 2017Jun 16, 2017
Updated June 16 2017 6:58pm ET

The Japanese Coast Guard is assisting a U.S. Navy destroyer that is taking on water after a collision off the coast of Japan early in the morning Saturday.

According to CNN, the destroyed collided with a merchant ship, damaging the Navy ship to the extent that it could no longer operate under its own power. It’s currently not in danger of sinking.

Some news outlets are reporting that there are no casualties, but the Associated Press says one person has been hurt and seven crew members are missing:


Tugboats are on their way to bring the vessel back to shore. There are typically 330 sailors aboard the USS Fitzgerald. Fox News is reporting that three compartments on the ship are flooded.

Images from a local television station show extensive damage on the deck and a huge dent on the starboard side. Water can be seen being pumped out of the ship.

The merchant ship it collided with is from the Philippines, according to ABC News. The condition of that ship and its personnel has not been released. Reuters is reporting that the container ship is returning to shore under its own power.

This story is still developing.