UPDATE: Trooper Dies In Bus Station Shooting; Witnesses Describe Terrifying Scene

April 01, 2016Apr 01, 2016

A day after a deadly gun battle in a Richmond, Virginia Greyhound bus station, a more clearer picture of what actually happened is emerging. According to CBS affiliate WNCN, the gunman was speaking to Virginia State Police trooper Chad P. Dermyer, 37, when he shot him. Two other troopers shot at the gunman, now identified as James Brown II, 34, of Aurora, Illinois, and killed him. Dermyer was originally said to be deceased, then still alive, and now deceased. Earlier reports from witnesses and authorities conflicted.


Two female civilians were also shot but are not in life-threatening condition. Why the gunman targeted the trooper is still unknown. Witnesses describe the terrifying scene at the station as people dove to the floor when shots rang out. Others fled from the building.

Najee Wilson said, “We heard a lot of people screaming. It definitely was a scary experience.”

Richmond Police Department chief Alfred Durham said, “It’s unfortunate these are the days we’re living in, where folks want to harm law enforcement. We just want our officers to end their shifts and to go home to their families.”