UPDATE: Police Say These 2 Things Are Responsible For Saving Elizabeth Thomas

April 20, 2017Apr 20, 2017

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued a press conference on Thursday to address reporters about their successful recovery of Elizabeth Thomas.

Thomas had been abducted by her former teacher nearly 6 weeks ago and has been missing ever since. The only confirmed sighting occurred roughly 5 weeks ago at a Walmart in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

During the conference, officials credited 2 major things for bringing Elizabeth Thomas home, and for bringing Tad Cummins to justice.

The first thing they credit for her recovery is the watchful eyes of the person who reported their sighting. While many details have not been released, police did say that a person who saw their vehicle parked in a remote area, and wanted to do the right thing, contacted authorities who then confirmed it was the suspect's vehicle.

The other thing police are saying is that it took an entire nation to bring her home. At one point during the live conference, a spokesperson said that when you mobilize an entire nation, good things generally happen, and that is the case for Elizabeth Thomas.

They also noted that Cummins and Thomas appear to have been living in a cabin in a rural area of northern California for the past 2 weeks.

Police also noted this is a success story for the Amber Alert system

Please join us in thanking God for finding her alive and for reuniting her with her family.