Update: Police Negotiating with Eiffel Tower Climber, Site on Lockdown

May 20, 2019May 20, 2019

The Eiffel Tower is still closed following an unidentified man climbing the structure on Monday. At this time, the tower is said to be "closed until further notice" to tourists and visitors.

"A person could be seen dangling just below the third and highest level of the 1,063-foot structure. A rescuer dressed in red was just above him," reported Fox.

The climber is said to be a man. At this time, his motive has not been released. Authorities were also unclear as to how he managed to evade security measures in order to begin his climb.

Claire Murphy, the Deputy News Editor of the Irish Independent, was at the top of the tower and shared on Twitter she was 'not allowed to leave' during the security incident. Police were unsure initially if he potentially had a bomb or wished to do harm to the famous structure.

"The incident drew a massive response of police and firefighters, France's BFM-TV reported. A Paris police spokeswoman said a team of firefighters including a climbing specialist was on the scene and in touch with the intruder, whose motivations remain unclear," wrote Fox.

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An iconic French landmark has just been closed by authorities after a man decided to break the rules and climb the structure. Now, the famous Eiffel Tower is off-limits to tourists.

At this time, officials are said to be negotiating with the unidentified man who is scaling the side of the structure. It is unclear why he is climbing the tower.

"The operators of the attraction tweeted around 10 a.m. ET that the tourist site was "closed until further notice" after the unidentified climber was spotted on the top side of the tower. The climber appeared to be wearing a red jacket and was located near the top of the 1,063-foot structure," reported Fox News.

He reportedly began his ascent from the second floor of the tower. At this time, it appears he is climbing it alone. He also seems to be using some sort of climbing equipment to help him go up the structure. The incident has drawn a heavy police presence.

"It's not the first time someone has attempted to climb up the tourist attraction. In 2015, British 'freerunner' James Kingston climbed the edifice without safety ropes and without permission, dodging security cameras as he went," according to Fox.

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